Applications of the Cordovan proportion in our daily life

Cordovan proportion is an extremely useful measure, apart from art and architecture, we have look for the way to apply it in regular things such as food, sport and fashion. This is an interactive presentation about Cordovan Proportion some of the applications we have discovered.



This proportion is extremely useful. As an example, we found its application in dishes. Although this proportion isn't very well known we can find it in such simple places like a plate of meal. 

It is possible to adapt this proportion into square form products such as brownies, lasagna, pastries, toast, and cakes. It also possible to use it by decorating them with geometric figures with the proportion.


The same happens in sport, the Cordovan Proportion can be applied in places such as a football pitch. 


Leaving behind the field, we have also discovered other applications of the Cordovan Proportion in sports. For instance, balls, such as the soccer ones and many other round balls. The drawings of the soccer ball, which are hexagons, could be replaced by octogons which follow the proportion of 1.3 as well.


Cordovan proportion could be used in different clothes that we use in our daily life, such as in T-shirts, dresses, skirts and even in shoes. Designers could base their collections in Cordovan Proportion and in Golden Proportion too.