As we said before,Numbers Become Art is a project in wich also participate 5 other educational institutions from Estonia, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuania and Spain. Just as we have worked about "Cordovan Proportion", each one of them has chosen and explored the topic that is most relevant to their country.


Liceo Artisitco of Cortina d'Ampezzo, are dealing with the topic of the Botanic Garden of Padua to get numbers and data on the flowers and plants present in the garden. These data are collected, selected, organized and transformed into graphs as a visual way to synthetize information. Finally, the infographs are reworked into artistic infographs thus achieving the project aim: providing visual information in an artistic way by experimenting a methodology for approaching students to maths and sciences. 



Tartu Art School  is working with Struve Geodetic Arc in order to visualize Friedrich Georg Wilhelm von Struve’s scientific method of measuring the meridian. TAS has included the Page 16 of 19 EfVET December 2015 project work in the daily learning activities. The project art works will be based on personal approach of the students and will be the part of their personal growth as designers and artists.



Lycèe Professionel Toulouse Lautrec starts from the Golden Section and the proportions that can be found both on the vaults of Sainte Cecile Cathedral in Albi and the proportions in the face and more generally in the portrait. Actually, the theme of facial proportions is in line with the program of Aesthetic, Cosmetics students. Students’ research will lead to artistic achievements in the form of photos, customized self-portraits and video.



The topic of Hungarian Balassi Balint Nyolcevfolyamos Gimnazium is „Toying with LIGHT’. Firstly, it is ’toying’ because they use new methods to explore difficult phenomena of physics, chemistry, as well as explain the background of changes in biology and geography. Measuring the amount of light provides them with data to process with the help of IT tools and also to transform them into visual art. 




Marijampoles profesinio rengimo centras has chosen the topic “Manors of Suduva”. Due to this project students and teachers have opportunity to deepen their historical, geographical, ethnographical, cultural information about their own region as well as knowledge of mathematics, statistics, ICT.